An bursting theatre firework struck a Spanish dancer during a city festival and killed her on Sept. 1, 2019.

Joana Sainz, 30, was behaving with her 15-member group, Super Hollywood Orchestra, in Las Berlanas, a tiny city 80 miles northwest of Madrid. A pyrotechnic dismissed shards of a steel surrounding into her stomach, according to reports.

Group upholder Isidoro López stated, “nobody can explain it. We have been doing a same [act] for 5 years.”

The fireworks are like sparklers. They are ostensible to final 15 to 20 seconds to “give a small show,” reported several news outlets.

It is probable that in this case, a manufacturer could have incidentally filled one of a sparklers with a wrong material, causing a steel surrounding to explode, according to López.

Footage of a occurrence showed that Sainz and a other organisation members were already on a theatre before a blast finished a unison abruptly.

Sainz was a group’s principal dancer and arch choreographer. She collapsed on a building and her colleagues rushed to her side. A alloy and 4 nurses from a assembly ran to try and assistance her.

The dancer was rushed to a sanatorium where she after died of her injuries.

Approximately 1,000 people collected for a shutting of a festival. It grew so popular, a shutting had to be changed to a city square.

According to authorities, a collision occurred during 2 a.m.

The city of Las Berlanas posted a reverence to Sainz on a Facebook page.

“We wish to compensate a condolences to a family of Joana… of a Super Hollywood organisation who yesterday upheld away, as good as to her organisation members. R.I.P Joana Sainz. You are in a memory.”

By Jeanette Smith


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