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Epixel Solutions is an India formed association specializing in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) software. They have a accumulation of MLM skeleton and they know how they work. Their skeleton embody Binary, Unilevel, Matrix, Monoline, Gift/Donation, Australian Binary, X-UP, and MMM Global and more.

This is unequivocally useful when conceptualizing your website and business given they consider of things we do not when programming. Contrary to other programming services, and even companies who specialize in MLM software, Epixel understands any of these skeleton and how to module them to duty as intended. we can't highlight adequate a significance of a association we name to build your site to know a devise they are programming. Epixel excels in this knowledge.

History and How we Found Epixel Solutions

To know a awesomeness of Epixel Solutions it will be useful to know a believe with another association who claimed to specialize in this service. The association had a large web participation promotion a good product and service.

Originally, commencement out new business tour in a universe of MLM, we chose this U.S. formed association with an bureau located in a city. Believing this would be profitable for entrance and communication. However, we shortly satisfied this was not to be a case. The internal bureau was fundamentally a salesman who himself had tiny bargain of a functionality of a complement he was selling.  Additionally, this association valid to be old-fashioned and roughly 1980’s record with years of rags to make it function. The functionality, of what they advertised as bells and whistles, were for a many part, usually serviceable with your possess programmer who could know coding to make even a smallest of changes, and even a possess savvy and able programmer, had impassioned problem with their problematic and old-fashioned system. Most companies do not wish to keep a full-time programmer on a payroll usually to supplement a new video to their site.

They also boasted of a video library to assistance a director learn a system. There were a lot of videos for sure, maybe in a hundreds. Searching for a one we needed, to start with, was a daunting believe followed by observation several times, usually to lead to oops it doesn’t work. Inevitably we would be compulsory to send a support sheet for assistance with links to a page we were operative on and screenshots to explain a problem, a unequivocally extensive process. Then wait and wait for an answer. More times than not a answer would enclose a couple to watch another video. Many times, after days of disappointment with a problem they would surprise that they had an blunder and they themselves would be promulgation a support sheet to their programmers to repair a situation. we can’t tell we how many squandered hours we spent removing nowhere. From an director position, it was so unequivocally formidable to work with that we strongly contemplated usually quitting a job. From a distributor position, they could not work their possess behind bureau possibly and usually signing adult compulsory help. The answer: send them to a video library or spend any waking impulse on a phone revelation how to do a simplest thing such as change a credit label they wanted to use. The complement also used cookies, that became such a problem that patron use indispensable to spend time training users how to transparent a cache on distributors personal computers usually to get to their replicated sites. Ugh! It was horrible. Another outrageous problem is that any 30 days we had to compensate them a dollar volume per user. Now if we grow your company, that is a goal, this cost could be thousands and thousands any month as a cost for your association to do business.  It took reduction than dual months to comprehend if a association was to grow and turn successful, we contingency find a improved solution, improved software, and a improved programing group to be successful.

The Search Began

We started out acid a web for additional companies who offer module solutions for multi-level approach offered companies. We review reviews; we did certification searches to get a list down to dual choices. Both were formed in India. We chose Epixel.

Epixel got a business. In all a acid we did, Epixel was a usually association that had a giveaway demo right on their site. You did not have to call any salesman like all a other sites. You usually click and we are in a demo and see all a functions of their program. You can play around with it though any instruction given a morality and record are super easy. You unequivocally don’t even need instruction, self-explanatory to even those who have unequivocally tiny mechanism experience. If we can use Facebook, we can know this module though help.

While all a companies pronounced they had a giveaway demo, we had to call and set adult a time to see it. Epixel leads a margin in charity this demo though job and this underline was a initial vigilance that Epixel knows what they are doing. Because a demo was straightforwardly accessible with usually a click of a mouse, we could perspective and demeanour over it and we knew before we contacted them, they were what we were looking for. What a time saver!

Epixel offers what we trust to be a unequivocally best. It uses today’s record and is elementary to use with palliate and tiny to no instruction both for a director and a replicated site user. Additionally, they can customize any underline or particular need your association requires. If we can consider it, they can make it happen.


Why We Chose Epixel

It is unequivocally transparent that Epixel did their task to try what multi-level companies need from a association standpoint and a distributor standpoint. They took any area and done it simple, 0 is missing. From displaying commissions, e-wallets, observation your downline, they even have built-in plead links and ensign ads that distributors can post on amicable media and in emails regulating copy-paste. Event calendar, news from a association that can be combined and altered in reduction than 5 minutes. You can strech any member with an proclamation in an instant.  Did we plead simple?  Of course, we can have automobile emails sent out such as cue reset or we have a new member, any automobile email we need. But additionally, a director can harmonise an email usually as in Gmail or Yahoo and click send. The emails are purify and attractive. You can email your whole database in an present right from a director site.

Users can supplement their pattern and ensign underneath their form regulating today’s record like Facebook.

Epixel does not use cookies so no some-more instructing distributors how to transparent their cache. This is not accessible from other companies that we know of.  It is a indispensable and essential feature.

They know from any vantage indicate what is critical to have and how critical being “user-friendly” is. They know multi-level business models inside out. This trust together with their programming ability set is a ideal compare and yields a ideal product. You won’t be unhappy with Epixel.


From Their Own and Very Professional Website

“Looking for a height to classify and run a business? No need to wait further!! The best resolution awaits we here. Epixel Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company), one of a world’s many heading web-based Development Companies fixes your track in a right direction. Our hands-on believe and essential technical skills will assistance we strech your goals. We yield open source book for your business needs that are customizable. Our technically modernized team, pattern and rise a module in such a approach that can be rubbed with many ease.” https://www.epixelmlmsoftware.com/ 

I found this explain to be definitely 100 percent true! Their module has it all and usually as important, it is so easy to use. If we are a administrator, a financial officer, or a distributor member, this module has all a bells and whistles and is easy to use. Have we mentioned simple?

Epixel Has a Proven Track Record in Over 87 Countries

“Our pregnancy dates behind to a year 2008, as Epixel Solutions in Palakkad, Kerala, India by a group of committed people with a transparent prophesy and goal to figure a destiny and make a tellurian presence. The year 2015 witnessed a initial plume in a top when we became Epixel Solutions Pvt. Ltd. There has not been any relinquishment in a success rate from here. By a month of Dec in a same year, a offshore US bureau in San Bruno, CA, USA started. And then, Hong Kong too tasted a value and potency in a form of Hong Kong bureau during Sheung Wan in Jun 2017. And during a finish of a same year, we have extended a domain to executive Europe. We achieved such standing by substantiating a new office/branch out in Switzerland. Needless, to supplement that given a tour to date we have worked with clients from some-more than 87 countries and still counting on and on.”

Each customer has a dedicated group of knowledgeable, professional, and gifted crew that see a plan by from start to completion. Don’t let a stretch of them being in India a reason to find another module company. Skype is used to have written and visible calls, sell files and graphics, and shade shares. It works unequivocally well, usually like we are sitting subsequent to them. If we are in a U.S though, keep in mind a time difference, India’s day is a night. You might have to work a cemetery change a bit.  Well value it in my opinion! we adore this product!

My Assigned Team:

Dhanesh Haridas – C.T.O, Sreeram M. -Senior Software Developer, Arjun K. -Senior Software Developer, Mithuna M. -Senior Software Developer, Krishnaja M. – QA Module Lead, Pramod G. – Project Delivery Manager.

A special appreciate we to Pramod G., and Krishnaja M., for responding my unconstrained questions on Skype. Their calm was exceptional, and they went above and over to prove in all areas.

I Wish we Had Found Epixel First

Our plan was a bit some-more formidable given we were relocating an existent database of determined users. Moving from one height to another can means a few hiccups though Epixel had a trust to build a new height and get a existent database of members into a new platform. This is no easy feat. With today’s regulations and confidence measures, there was information they could not constraint from a strange module company. Things such as member passwords, credit label information, amicable confidence numbers, and birthdates are hidden, by design, for confidence reasons. But Epixel done it probable to send all other information and a members usually indispensable to record in and supplement these things to their new site.

Pricing and Service

Epixel offers well-developed pricing. And when a plan is finish we can pierce your site to your possess server if we like. They do yield hosting services as well, though it is your choice. There is no monthly cost per user for your association as in many other module suppliers formed out of a U.S. This underline alone will save your business thousands and thousands of dollars. Rest assured, even if we pierce a height to your possess server, Epixel is always accessible to perform or make additions to your program. Their hourly rate for destiny equipment we might supplement is distant subsequent what is accessible in a United States. The plan we hired Epixel to finish would have cost scarcely 6 total in a United States and would have been worked on by programmers with subsequent to 0 trust in multi-level marketing. Epixel charged a tiny fragment of customary U.S. rate and a product is definitely higher to what U.S. companies have to offer in MLM software.

I can’t demonstrate adequate how critical Epixels’ trust of how multi-level business models need to work. It is this trust together with their programming imagination that creates Epixel a personality in a attention of MLM software.

If we have an existent business with a module product that is not operative or too formidable to manage, revisit Epixel’s website https://www.epixelmlmsoftware.com/ check out a giveaway demos with a click of your mouse. See their certification and group of professionals and all a services they have to offer. Epixel can assistance we make a switch to their height and in about 90-120 days we will have a complement we can manage, looks good, and functions with palliate for any user.

My pleasure with this product has compelled me to write this article. we would like to forestall others from creation a same mistake in selecting a wrong module association when starting. If we are a new startup looking for module for your multi-level company, forget all a rest and go true to a best- Epixel Solutions.

It is my wish that if we are in a difficulty of also selecting a wrong association when starting out your business, we hit Epixel to get we on a right trail with a operative height with today’s technology.

Epixel personal will be visiting a United States in Aug 2019 to accommodate with a association in Las Vegas, NV., and a horde of other intensity business and affiliates. While they news their report is stuffing adult during their visit, they do have openings to accommodate with those seeking their service. Either in chairman or regulating a mechanism in a go-to-meeting format.

In further to MLM Software, Epixel provides Cryptocurrency Development, Learning Management Systems and more.

You might hit me for some-more information about my believe with Epixel or if we would like to accommodate with them during their US revisit to plead their product and service. we will have 0 though good things to contend about their service, price, and product.

Written by Lucy Lane


Interview Laurel Fee, Contact –  [email protected]

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Epixel Solutions

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