Chicago State University, that is home to many minorities in a Windy City, now has a 75 percent African-American tyro population. Although it is not a “historically black college or university,” many students will contend that it feels like one.

Many famous and successful former students have graduated from this university, such as Kanye West and Godfrey a Comedian. The museum dialect during Chicago State University is brewing adult a new set of plays and will be hosting a play festival this year.


Professor Christine Houston, who lectures in screenwriting during Chicago State University, has been training her students how to write correct scripts and representation them to directors and studios in Hollywood.

Professor Houston is a successful actress, play-write, and endowment winner. She wrote a a play about her childhood  called “227.” The play was about Houston’s years flourishing adult in a area now famous as Bronzeville.

The play went on to win mixed contests, such as a Lorraine Hansberry, ANTA West, and Norman Lear as good as apropos a strike radio array on NBC. Houston’s play was also good adequate to win a NAACP Image Award for best play-writing.

She now teaches screenwriting, play-writing, and museum during Chicago State University. Professor Houston’s category during Chicago State University, according to some of a students, is really “direct, encouraging, hands-on, as good as certainty boosting.” On Feb. 19, 2019, she had her students practicing their book essay pitches as credentials for their final exam. They all demeanour to pass and perform in a arriving play festival that will be hold during Chicago State University.

Written By Parris Winfrey

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