The label is headlined with women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes fortifying her pretension opposite Colorado’s Raquel Pennington.

Amanda Nunes stays on tip of a universe in a UFC women’s bantamweight division. The win also serves as Nunes’ third uninterrupted pretension invulnerability given winning a belt in 2016.

UFC is broadcasting a full eventuality live around YouTube. Since then, “Rocky” has been recuperating from a career-threatening damage following a grizzly sport accident.

Despite being significantly down on a scorecards, Pennington showed no coercion and stranded to a plan that saw her competition build adult an irrefutable led on a judges’ scorecards. Jacare got some success in a opening round, with Gastelum removing behind into a quarrel in a second. Pennington is intent to UFC strawweight Tecia Torres, who used to sight with Nunes in South Florida.

Pennington took her corner’s recommendation and came out in a fifth turn looking to conflict though Nunes supremacy continued. But, a quarrel still went on with a acceptance of Amanda Cooper. The dual friends were scheduled to strife in December, though Pennington pennyless her left leg in an ATV crash. Pennington again shot for a takedown, and once again was stuffed. When a American warrior approached Nunes, a Brazilian countered and took a quarrel to a octagon building where she unleashed a fusillade of “ground-and-pound” strikes covering a board in blood. She has won 4 uninterrupted bouts, with a acquiescence feat over Jessica Andrade starting that run behind during UFC 191.

Another low leg flog and Pennington’s left calf is visibly being tenderized here.

Nunes and Pennington traded to open a fourth.

Back to a core of a enclosure and Nunes lands a front flog to a body. Bantamweight pretension challenger Raquel Pennington gets some earthy therapy after her prolonged outing to Brazil. After a peace in a action, a arbitrate called for them to stand. The turn finished with Pennington eating another large knee.

Nunes (16-4) harm Pennington with leg kicks and destitute her nose with a knee, en track to a TKO finish.

Nunes took her competition down and landed an elbow.

After a span of unsuccessful attempts while corroborated opposite a cage, Pennington scored a takedown of Nunes late in a second turn to delayed a solid assault from a champion.


With her nose clearly shattered, Penning solemnly done her approach behind out for a final round. The dual both were displaying surprisingly good cardio deliberation what theatre of a quarrel they were in during that point.

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