The Flirtations

Diana Ross and a Supremes were not a usually lady organisation of their time to make noise.  Others like The Flirtations were shaped to contest with a Supremes and advantage from a doorway they had opened.  However, some groups even yet shaped to take advantage of a doorway a Supremes had non-stop were geared toward a some-more soulful RB assembly rather than a cocktail assembly a Supremes were marketed for.  One of these groups was The Flirtations and they continued to make their symbol not usually in a USA though many noticeably in a U.K. and Europe where they had an present impact with their singular ‘Nothing though a heartache.’

Now, several decades after their initial U.K. hit, a American lady organisation adopted by a English are about to come behind again, not usually featuring on a new EEDB (Eagle E and Doc B) singular “Make it Rain,” though they are also formulation to recover a new manuscript in 2020.  Stevie Eagle E and Peter Doc B AKA EEDB have story with The Flirtations.  They penned and constructed “Time Waits for No One” for a organisation in a late ’90s, that was a successful dance and bar strike for a group. “Make It Rain” follows in a footsteps of “Time” as it has a clever dance and disco feel to it.

Peter Doc B of EEDB said:

When we finished a strain in a studio we both looked during any other and suspicion ‘The Flirtations’ roughly during a same time.  We felt this was a ideal lane for them.  We desired a chronicle we had combined with Lavonz, Kaos Mc and Bull Dogg though we motionless to go out on a prong and emanate another chronicle of a same strain with a Flirtations.  It meant re-writing certain things and changing a vibe though we felt we had to do it.

Stevie Eagle E of EEDB stated:

We finished adult with dual roughly totally musical versions of a same strain and we suspicion to ourselves that one do we go with.  Then we suspicion we adore them both so we will go with both during a same time.  So that is what we are doing.  We are indeed going to recover 3 versions of a same strain roughly all during a same time.  These are not remixes though opposite versions of a same strain so we feel it is something a small bit new.

Viola Billups of The Flirtations said,  “When we listened a strain we knew it was us all a approach and we jumped right in.  We have always desired operative with Stevie Eagle E and Peter Doc B and this time was no different.  We feel this lane has a good possibility to do something and it will also open adult a ears and eyes of a open to a album.”

“Make it Rain V1, V2, V3,” and a bar mixes will be expelled on Shlepp Entertainment/Shlepp Records on Oct. 21, 2019.  They can all be previewed on a EEDB website.  The lane will also underline rising Brazilian swat star Kaos MC, who progressing this year featured with Tito Jackson, Bull Dogg, and British rising thespian and songwriter Lavonz.

By Jeanette Smith


Stevie Eagle E, Peter Doc B, The flirtations, and Shlepp Entertainment Ltd.



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